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Fleet listTransit curtainsider

We operate vehicles ranging in size from transits through to 44 tonnes gross vehicle weight (gvw).


One of our latest fleet additions for 2012.

Iveco Stralis A52 Supercab Euro5 44t tractor unit Iveco Eurocargo Euro5 18t curtainsider c/w tail lift

Iveco 18t and 7.5t gvw curtainsiders

The table below lists the size and type of just some of the vehicles that are currently available.

Vehicle type (gvw) Carrying capacity (kilos) Pallet capacity (1.2 x 1m)
Transit van or flatbed up to 1500 up to 4
7.5t curtainsided vehicle up to 3500 up to 10
7.5t flatbed vehicle up to 4000 up to 10
18t curtainsided vehicle up to 10000 up to 14
18t flatbed vehicle up to 11000 up to 14
38t 12m curtainsided trailer up to 23500 up to 22
38t 13.6m curtainsided trailer up to 23500 up to 26
38t 12m flatbed trailer up to 25000 up to 22
40t 12m curtainsided trailer up to 26000 up to 22
40t 13.6m curtainsided trailer up to 26000 up to 26
40t 12m flatbed trailer up to 27000 up to 22
44t 13.6m curtainsided trailer up to 28000 up to 26
44t 13.6m flatbed trailer up to 28000 up to 26









In addition to the vehicles listed above, we can also provide:Iveco Stralis 44t gvw with 13.6m curtainsided trailer

    Euro liners

    Box vans in various sizes

    Crane off loading vehicles

    Step frame and low loader trailers

    Tail lift vehicles

    Double deck trailers

    Vehicles with attached fork lift truck


Iveco 7.5t gvw curtainsider Iveco Stralis 44t gvw tractor units

Some vehicle types are subject to availability. Vehicle carrying capacities are also dependent on body type eg. an 18t gross vehicle weight curtainsided vehicle will carry approximately 1000 kilos less than an equivalent flatbed vehicle. Please also note that some trailers are heavier than others so the weight capacities shown above may vary.

Contact us if you are in any doubt about your requirements (see contact details). We will be only too pleased to offer free advice on any transport related matters.