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Health & Safety resources

Chiltern Transport has a commitment to its staff, drivers, and subcontractors to ensure they are trained and have access to current health & safety information.

The following files are available for your information, though the security settings on your browser or firewall may prevent download by restricting access to this page. If the information bar appears above (same colour as this text) you may need to right click on it to allow blocked content. If it doesn't appear then it may be your firewall.

More references are available using the links to the HSE and Department of Transport web sites below.

  Document Title
Health & Safety. Alcohol Policy Statement.
Health & Safety. Drugs Policy Statement.
Health & Safety. Policy Statement.
Product Safety & Quality Policy Statement.
Health & Safety. Smoke Free Policy Statement.
Health & Safety. Stress Policy Statement.
Health & Safety. Workplace Risk Assessments 1 - 15.
Approved Sub-Contractor Forms.
Drivers' Handbook January 2014.
Driving Safely In Fog.
Equal Opportunities Policy Statement.
Protection Of Data Policy.
Quality Policy Statement.
Retirement Policy Statement.
Risk Assessments - Load Securing Guidance.
Risk Assessments - Securing Loads.
Safe Loading Of Trucks - RHA.


To open the above PDF files you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download the current version for your particular operating system by clicking on the link below.

This information not only assists our own staff and drivers, but also provides a guideline to subcontractors who need to produce their own health and safety procedures.

Please feel free to use any of these files and adapt the information to suit your own requirements. We update our documentation on a regular basis but we must stress that we cannot be held liable for any errors they may contain (see details in our Terms and Conditions).

Terms and Conditions.

The most important fact is that every company must have a health and safety policy in place. We hope this information will get you started or assist with any updates or revisions you have planned for your own policy. Please issue the Drivers Handbook to your drivers and add further controls to your procedures as and when required.

We must all provide a safe environment for our staff and drivers to work in. This is a legal requirement.


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